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wait how are you wearing a minimizer? As far as I know they're only made for like DD+, and what you're wearing just looks like a little nothing triangle bra? Idk...


ooh this is snotty but this gives me a chance to be informative to my dfabs w/ big boobs and small ribcages

i wear a 30DD/32D, so heads up, that’s a lot smaller than a 34/36D (i’d about the size of a 34C if i had a larger ribcage), which is what most ppl who don’t know about boobs associate them with.. so.. ya

anyway basically it Hurts The Shit Out Of My Back when i don’t wear a bra BUT my binder has started to hurt my ribs AND my underwire bras hurt/make me look bigger than i want SO

i did a bunch of research on eras where women were flatter-looking and i discovered that almost none of the bras from the 20’s had underwire and it assisted with that “straight up and down” flapper look

then i started looking at binders and stuff and they do basically the opposite of what a pushup bra does, which is push ‘em together w/ lift + underwire and crossback, and smoosh em flat so they look bigger

so THEN i started looking at bralettes and realizing that with a little bit of modification they would be perfect minimizers!!! so basically here’s what to do if you wanna look flatter but don’t want to wear a binder every way (and you are smallish)

  • get a bralette that isn’t a shelf bra— triangle ones separate breasts and diminish most the cleavage
  • loosen up the straps
  • get a piece of elastic and fasten one end to the middle of the armpit-facing side of the triangle cup and fasten the other end to your bra strap (do it on both sides)

this effectively flattens and separates pretty well. i fit into button ups and whatnot in it, but i’m not 100% flat— i’m about a small b cup (still, that’s two or so cups down!)

it works about as well as the layers sportsbras trick, it’s prettier, and nicer to wear during warmer months or low necklines. 

(if you need visual for the elastic thingy, here’s a shitty doodle. the pink is the elastic)


you can buy bralettes for p dang cheap here. i wear a s/m in this brand’s sizes to give you an idea

i tried out ironmanisapegasus ’ pancakes and i learned two things: 1) i’m still dangerously bad at cooking 2) they are REALLY GOOD


srsly look at my hat

The Mountain Goats - Up The Wolves
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"I’m always trying to figure out what to say about this god damn song. Part of me wants to say look, it’s about revenge, but as soon as I say that… no, that’s not quite it. Part of me wants to say it’s about the satisfaction of not needing revenge… and I say no, that’s some new age stuff. I think it’s a song about the moment in your quest for revenge when you learn to embrace the futility of it. The moment where you know the thing you want is ridiculous and pompous and a terrible thing to want anyway. The direction in which you’re headed is not the direction you want to go, yet you’re going to head that way a while longer cause that’s just the kind of person you are."

— John Darnielle

intense paranoia




comegatherroundpeople replied to your post:
now it’s super hard to get a job, even a summer job, when you’re a minor… being from the post-summer part of the year (birthday I mean) sucks

yeah… i keep getting rejected because i have no academic qualifications at the time i’m applying (even if i’ll hopefully have my bac before the summer) and i’m 2/3 months too young to even apply to the ones that don’t require academic qualifications

well i just got rejected for two jobs i applied to for this summer and i have no answer from the others which means i’m probably not getting them either lmao



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