whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

i stop looking at my dash for two days and when i come back everyone and their mother is into wrestling and the tumblr app tries to rec me the summerslam tag. you bunch of nerds


watching the x-files like “this episode plotline is trash but i gotta watch it because mulder n scully might touch once”


Zigzagoon re-design

i was going to make a post about not having internet in the new flat but instead i’d like to publicly thank my neighbour who has a nice unprotected freewifi hotspot. thanks dude

Things You Can Do For Ferguson:


  • Donate money to have those arrested in Ferguson released on bail. These people belong on the streets, especially at a time like this.
  • Send a note of condolence to the family of Michael Brown. Let’s not forget the tragedy that started this.
  • Donate to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. This is an official fundraiser run by the Brown family’s lawyers. They are going through so much, lets make sure at the very least it isn’t a financial burden.
  • Help get people on the ground. There are activists and reporters who want to do their part and get to Ferguson. Donate and get them there. I am so far aware of Zellie Imani, Zak Jemmott, and JR Valrey (a reporter for SF Bay View).
  • Donate to the Ferguson Youth Initiative.The children of this community deserve better than to be gunned down. Make sure they get that in the future.
  • Feed the children of Ferguson. Many children in America rely on school to get their meals and thanks to the civil unrest caused by the police, the children of Ferguson have been without school since Monday. These people want to make sure that doesn’t mean anyone is going hungry.
  • Find a National Moment of Silence in your area. If one doesn’t exist, start one. Share this experience with others. Solidarity is important.
  • Keep awareness up. Not just among the like-minded people on tumblr, this is something everyone needs to be aware of.
  • Spread accurate information. There is a lot of distortion going on here and spreading every piece of information as it is reported only makes that worse. First and foremost make sure you are listening carefully, then share what is important and relevant.

If you are aware of any good causes or ways to help that I have missed, please reblog and add them.


Lessons in cuddling: Pit bulls and tabby cat show us how it’s done
The Internet has fallen in love with this photographer’s gorgeous images of her dog and cat as they snooze together.

See more of their adorable photos.

ok so i’m in a bit of a weird situation here. i’m moving out tomorrow and my mother has stated directly that she’s going to stalk me and/or trying to find out where i live through my friends. i know some people i know irl have access to this blog and a lot have interacted with her. what i please please please ask of you is that you is that if she tries to contact you in any way do not give her any information about me (whether it’s my address or what i’m up to or whatever).

this is mostly a preventive post as i’m doing things to prevent her from doing it/involving anyone i know in a any way but better safe than sorry i guess. if i know you through the internet you’re safe as literally none of my family know you exist, and if i know you irl and you’re completely baffled by this post i am willing to clear things up (to an extent) in private.

also yeah i’m safe right now and as much on top of the situation as i can be so no need to worry etc etc, pretty pissed off and feeling a bit like garbage but that’s far from the worse i’ve had to deal with re: my mother lmao


jen richards for the win with the first version of the ubiquitous “my fellow white people, please quiet down” post I’ve seen that includes a comprehensive list of links to the voices of people of color on the ground

these posts are on point and make perfect sense but in a social media context and an interpersonal context the thing is (for other fucked up reasons) any given person can have a radically different audience than any other. For example, I may be the only source of information in my school on what really happened in Occupy Oakland. Every single thing I’ve said on the subject has been news to every single person I’ve said it to so far. There is no guarantee that someone who might see you writing and speaking about an event will continue to be exposed to it in better ways (i.e. from people of color) if you stop.

So that’s the behavior I want to model. Minimizing your role as a speaker and leader in conversations that are not about you is the right idea. It’s just an even better idea if you do so in a way that directs people to the folks they ought to be hearing it from.










list of sources in Ferguson


You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.
Angela Davis - from a lecture delivered at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. February 13th, 2014. (via ninjaruski)