i was tagged by blackkwidows in the “post the first 20 songs you get on shuffle” thing and i have time to kill so here we go:

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aliens exist and they’re communists.


there’s no such thing as being fake queer or fake trans because these things are defined wholly by self-identification and behavior. if you want to be queer or trans but aren’t sure if you’re real enough, congratulations, you’re already there. the big secret is that almost everyone is afraid of being fake. this is because there is a very powerful impetus from the rest of the world that wants you to believe that you are not fundamentally queer/trans and that therefore you should forego these things and just be “normal”. this is of course a miserable way to exist and embracing agency in being queer or trans is one of the most fulfilling things you can do


[mulder voice] that’s why they put the bi in fbi

themarginistoosmall ohhh thank you i forgot about kelly chambers! and i think i read it on the wiki or something abt samara but idk how i feel about her yet

more mass effect 2 thoughts:

  • i love tali and her loyalty mission is the best
  • garrus is actually a dork i can’t believe all of you misled me like this. he’s just a big awkward alien who loves blowing stuff up
  • grunt is my angry son
  • i’m sad you can’t be friendly and not flirty with jacob as femshep because he seems like a chill dude
  • i’m still extremely angry i can’t be a lesbian in space

a lot of ppl from my dad’s side of the family are visiting, i never met most of them before because they stopped talking to my dad for religious reasons (they’re jewish, my dad converted to christianity) and a lot of them are so cool?? like i have this aunt who’s been a programmer since the 60s and who wants to teach me stuff?? two of them id as first wave feminists and are active socialist activists?? how come i got stuck with the shitty christian side of my family for my whole life and i never met these people


beach episode au: fenris can’t swim, isabela is going for the kill

P.S trans fenris is cool and im here for it

P.P.S is there not a single complete map of his tattoos somewhere?..please…